Brand New Day Bangkok

What do we offer?

Who is Brand New Day?

In 10 years we have grown to a customer base of more than 200.000 customers. Managing over 150 billion Thai Baht of assets value.

Brand New Day was founded in 2010 by an experienced team of investment financials, marketing- and IT experts, to become the leading Neobank in retirement solutions in The Netherlands and -in the future- in other countries.

To be able to meet our clients needs, The Brand New Day Group exists of 3 different companies which each have a license in their own domain: a bank, an investment fund and a special company to be able to offer retirement group pension schemes.

Brand New Day makes the, often very complicated, world of investing for retirement very easy. We are offering consumers and companies all the things necessary for a long-term investment success that existing old fashioned banks and insurance companies do not offer.

We truly believe that only those financial institutions who are honestly able to put customers’ interests first and foremost, will succeed in the long term. This means offering a easy-to-understand online product offering with outstanding customer service, against very low costs. Because less costs leads to more retirement capital for our customers in the end. We want our clients to be proud of Brand New Day and to promote our business to their family, friends and neighbours.

At Brand New Day we prefer to develop our own systems to create a competitive edge and to be able to control each element. We do this with global international oriented SCRUM teams, scaling Scrum using the Nexus Framework. Being a fintech company, the key for Brand New Day’s success is simple: IT development. Because IT is so critical for our success as a company our strategy is to hire talented .Net developers globally. This is the reason why we expanded to Asia Pacific or Bangkok to be precise. We provide developers with an open and informal culture, a Brand New office, with state-of-the-art workspace, fun conditions, great technological challenges. You can find our dynamic International work environment at the Bangkok Business Center only a 6 minute walk from BTS Ekkamai. We also offer work from home opportunities for a couple of days per week

Your colleagues and work space

We believe in investing in our staff.

Everyday we surprise our customers and grow rapidly with IT as a driving force. Get set for a next level career and join our team of success.